Misty Blues All Woman Skydiving Team

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Six women from the Misty Blues will show off their skills at this year’s show. Adorned in their signature pink and blue jump suits, the Misty’s are well-known for their skilled skydiving, fun personality and spending a lot of time meeting spectators – especially kids. These professional women hold 35 world records and have completed a record 40,000 combined jumps. The Misty Blues last performed in Dayton in 2012.


  • All members of the team are women!
  • Freefall Parachuting was invented at Old McCook Field in Dayton. Army Lt. Harold R. Harris became the first person to parachute out of a malfunctioning airplane on October 28, 1922!
  • For many years, Wright Field, now Area B of Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, was a main location for parachute technology research and development for the military!
  • Dayton has a Parachute Museum located at Aviation Trail right outside of downtown Dayton!

Website: http://www.mistyblues.net/