Frequently Asked Questions


Is each ticket good for one day?
Yes, each ticket is only good for ONE day.

Are chalet tickets also good for admission to the show?
Yes. Blue Sky Chalet tickets and Private/Corporate Chalet tickets include admission to the show as well as the chalet area.

Are Photo Pit/Tour tickets also good for admission to the show?
Yes. Photo Pit/Tour tickets include admission to the show as well as the Photo Pit/Tour areas.

I’m looking at purchasing Pavilion/Blue Sky Chalet tickets. If I’m not purchasing 6 tickets, will I have strangers sitting at my table?
Tables in the Blue Sky Chalet and Pavilion sit six people. If you do not purchase six tickets, you will have other people sitting at the table with you.

I’m looking at purchasing a Blue Sky chalet ticket. Which row is towards the front?
Row A is the front row. Row E is the back row.

Is the Blue Sky Chalet located on the flight line?
No. The Blue Sky Chalet is not located on the flight line. It is in the second row of chalets located on a terrace level.

What food is included in the Blue Sky chalet?
The Blue Sky chalet breakfast typically consists of muffins and breads. The lunch typically consists of grilled chicken breasts, hamburgers, and hot dogs with pasta salad, potato salad, and fruit salad. The snacks range from potato chips, pretzels, brownies, and cookies.

I’m looking at purchasing a Pavilion ticket. Which row is towards the front?
Row A is the front row. Row O is the back row.

I purchased Blue Sky/Pavilion tickets, but didn’t receive my parking pass. How do I get my parking pass?
Please contact Etix at 888-695-0888 or at [email protected] and they will give you the parking passes needed.

Do I have to purchase a Pavilion or Blue Sky ticket for my child under the age of 5?
Yes. Everyone, regardless of age, must have a Pavilion or Blue Sky ticket to get into those areas. Child under the age of five are free in General Admission only.

I purchased my tickets online. Do I have to print my tickets?
We encourage everyone to bring their printed tickets to the gate. You can also download the tickets to your smartphone to have scanned. Please make sure you have the tickets ready so it helps the process go smoother.

I can’t print my tickets. Is there a will call booth at the show where I can pick them up?
No, there will be no will call booth. Please contact ExtremeTix at 888-695-0888 regarding ticketing issues.

I purchased a General Admission ticket, but would like a Pavilion ticket instead. Can I exchange my GA ticket for a Pavilion ticket now?
No. You can upgrade to the Pavilion, if available, on the day of the show.

I purchased a Family Four Pack. Where do I redeem my voucher for the hot dogs, Cokes, and souvenir program?
You will redeem the voucher at the Main Gate where you enter the show. You will receive a pack which includes four tickets for the hot dogs and Cokes and one ticket for the souvenir program for a total of five tickets.

Can I leave and re-enter the Air Show?
Yes, keep your ticket stubs and make sure you receive a wristband when you exit.

Are there military or veteran discounts?
There are no military or veteran discounts.

What is the age of a senior?
A senior is 60 years or older. Senior discounts are only available for General Admission.

What is the age of a youth?
Youth is ages 6 through 11 years old. Youth pricing is available for General Admission only. Child 5 and under get in free for General Admission.

When do Kroger tickets go on sale?
Kroger tickets go on sale at Dayton/Cincinnati stores beginning May 14th.

Are all major credit cards accepted at the gate?
Yes, you can purchase tickets at the gate using all major credit cards. However, some food concession booths inside the gate accept cash only. Parking accepts cash only.



What are the entry restrictions?
Please visit our Restrictions tab under Guest Information on our website.

What time do the gates open?
Gates open at 9:00 a.m. and close at 6:00 p.m. Saturday and Sunday

How much is Parking?
Parking is $10 per car and $20 per bus and recreational vehicle at the gate. Plenty of on-site parking is available.

What is the process for the free shuttle service to and from the Pavilion and Blue Sky chalet area?
The shuttle buses will pick up at the front of the P-lot parking lot and will take you to the Pavilion or Blue Sky area. The shuttle runs from roughly 9 am until 6:30 pm continuously.

Is the parking lot far from the show grounds?
Yes, the parking lot is far from the show grounds. It involves a lot of walking.

Where is the parking lot located?
The P-lot parking lot (for those with Pavilion, Blue Sky, or private chalet tickets) is located on Dixie Drive. A shuttle takes you from this lot to your seating area. General admission lots are located on Dixie Drive. Please visit our Parking tab under Guest information for specific details.

Can I park my RV in the parking lot?
Yes. The cost is $20. You may NOT view the show from the RV. Because of the remoteness of the parking lot, you are not able to view the show from the lot.

Is there handicapped parking?
Patrons with handicapped licenses or hang tags will be directed to the appropriate area.

I purchased a Blue Sky Chalet/Pavilion ticket, but have a handicap sticker. Where do I park?
If you purchased a Pavilion, Blue Sky, or chalet ticket, you will park in the P-lot parking. There are some buses that are wheelchair accessible.

What services do you have for the disabled?
Please visit the Services for the Disabled tab under Guest Information on our website.

I purchased a Photo Pit/Tour Ticket.  Where is the Media Parking Lot?
Photo Pit/Tour Ticket purchasers can park in the Media Parking Lot located across from the Expo Center (3900 McCauley Dr., Vandalia, OH 45377


Can I bring a lawn chair or blanket?
Yes. We encourage those with general admission tickets to bring their own chairs and blankets. Private chalets, Blue Sky Chalets, Pavilion, and Chairman’s Club all have chairs, so it is not necessary to bring your own.

Does the Pavilion seating include chairs?
Yes. The Pavilion seating has chairs. You do not need to bring your own.

Do you have any Bleacher Seating?
No. General Admission ticket holders can sit in the available open space.



Is the show schedule the same for both Saturday and Sunday?

What time is the Feature Show? 
The Feature Show begins at 12:00 p.m. and is over at 4:15 p.m. These times are subject to change.

Will there be Huey/Cobra helicopter rides?
Yes. Please see the Huey/Cobra Helicopter Rides tab under Guest Information.

What are the radio frequencies used by the Air Show?
This information is not released.

Can you give me a schedule of acts?
The schedule is always changing and isn’t finalized until closer to the show. The jet team is always the last act to fly and typically flies around 3 pm.



Does the Vectren Dayton Air Show recycle?
Yes, with grant assistance from Montgomery County’s Environmental Services, the show has purchased 300 recycling containers for the show grounds. Please place your bottle, cans and other recycling items in our blue recycling containers.

Are coolers permitted?
Please review the Entry Restrictions under the Guest Information tab.

Are strollers and wagons allowed?
Yes, strollers and wagons are allowed.

Are ATMs on site?
Yes, there are ATMs located on show grounds.

Is there shade?
The Air Show facility is under an open sky. Patrons are encouraged to plan accordingly. Some shade can be found under the wings of static display aircraft.

Are pets allowed?
Service eye dogs ARE permitted at the Vectren Dayton Air Show. Otherwise, pets are not allowed onto the Air Show spectator area and are not allowed to be left in cars inside the Air Show parking lots.

Can I bring beverages into the show?
Unopened bottled water NOT in a cooler will be allowed.

Are cameras allowed?
Yes, cameras are allowed (still, video, digital). Your camera bags will be checked upon entry.

Can I bring a bike, roller blades or a scooter?
No, for the safety of all of our spectators these items will not be allowed
on the show grounds.

I’m disabled and use an electric mobility scooter. Can I bring my scooter?
Yes, you can bring your scooter. There will be an electric mobility scooter
rental near the Main Gate for those who wish to rent one. The price is $60
for the day or $10 per hour. Reservations can be made with Teresa at (419) 679-8975.

Do you have wheelchairs available for rent?
We do not have wheelchairs available to rent. You can bring your own.



What happens if it rains?
The Air Show HAPPENS rain or shine. No refunds. No rain checks.



Are there any opportunities for my organization to volunteer?
Yes, our food and merchandise concessionaires have volunteer opportunities. Their contact information can be found under the Contact tab.



How do I get Press or Media Credentials?
Press/Media Credentials requests must be submitted through our website. Please see our Media Credential page to submit an application.

Can I get a video of the show?
Official Vectren Dayton Air Show videos are available exclusively at

Will the Air Show be televised?
There will be not be a live TV broadcast from the Air Show this year.



I would like to be a food vendor. Who do I contact?
Please contact San Francisco Puffs & Stuff. They can be reached at 954-584-1925 or at [email protected].

I would like to be a merchandise vendor. Who do I contact?
Please contact Plane Things. They can be reached at 614-792-2654 or at [email protected].



I have a food allergy or certain dietary restrictions. Who can I call to discuss my food limitations?
Please reach out to our food concessionaire, San Francisco Puffs & Stuff at 954-584-1925.

I purchased a ticket to the Blue Sky chalet and have a food allergy or certain dietary restrictions. Who can I call to discuss my food limitations?
Please reach out to our catering company, Chef’s Choice. They can be reached at 513-489-6006.

I have a medical need and need to bring medication that needs to stay cold. Can I put it in a cooler?
If you have a medical need and must have your medication kept cold, you can bring it in a SOFT-SIDED cooler ONLY. You CANNOT bring it in a hard cooler. The medication MUST be accompanied by a doctor’s note stating you have a medical need.

I am bringing my baby to the show and need to keep the formula cold. Can I bring it in a cooler?
You can bring formula in a SOFT-SIDED cooler ONLY. You CANNOT bring it in a hard cooler. Only formula is allowed in the soft-sided cooler.



Can you direct me to a place to stay during the weekend?
Visit Dayton Montgomery County Convention & Visitors Bureau on the Internet, or call 800-221-8235.

Where can I get information on the National Museum of the Air Force?
Visit the National Museum of the Air Force on the Internet, or call 937-255-3286.

How far is the Air Force Museum from the Air Show?
The museum is approximately 20 minutes.



Where can I buy Vectren Dayton Air Show merchandise?
Official Vectren Dayton Air Show merchandise can be purchased at



Is there a Trade Show?
No, there will no longer be a trade show.

How do I get involved in the Air Show Parade?
Please contact the Vandalia Chamber of Commerce at [email protected] or call 937-898-5351.

What are the 2019 dates?
The 2019 show dates are June 22 and 23 featuring the U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds.