B-17 Movie Memphis Belle

The B-17G Movie Memphis Belle that will appear at the 2018 show was the star of the 1990 Warner Brother film, Memphis Belle.  The film was a fictionalization of the 1943 documentary Memphis Belle, about the 25th and last mission of the American Boeing B-17 Memphis Belle Flying Fortress bomber.  The Movie Memphis Belle will commemorate this milestone and take spectators back in history giving them a chance to both see this iconic WWII heavy bomber fly and view it on display up close and personal in this anniversary year.




*   The Memphis Belle was the first U.S. bombers to complete 25 missions!

*   Robert Morgan, the pilot, named the aircraft after his girlfriend who lived in Memphis, TN!

*   The Memphis Belle crew never suffered any casualties during the war.

*   The Movie Memphis Belle aircraft attending the show is based at the National Warplane Museum in Geneseo, NY!

*   The original Memphis Belle is on display at the National Museum of the U.S. Air Force in Dayton, Ohio!


B-17 Flying Fortress FAST FACTS:

Engines: Four Wright R-1820-97 Cyclone<https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wright_R-1820_Cyclone> engines, 1,200 horsepower each

Length: 74 feet, 9 inches

Height: 19 feet, 1 inch

Wingspan: 103 feet, 9 inches

Maximum Speed: 287 miles per hour

Ceiling: 35,600 feet

Range: 3,750 statute miles

Maximum Takeoff Weight: 65,000 pounds

Armament: 11 to 13 machine guns, 9,600 pound bomb load

Crew: 10


Website: https://nationalwarplanemuseum.com/